Short Version:

I am a writer and teapot enthusiast from Oklahoma, USA, now living in Norfolk, England with my wife and three cats.


Long Version:

Hello! I’m Bridgette.

I am originally from Nichols Hills, Oklahoma in the US, but I now live in a town called Costessey (said Cossy) in Norfolk, England with my lovely wife, Hazel, and our three cats: Neville, Severus, and Mjolnir.

I can’t say that I have always wanted to be a writer because I don’t think I realised that such a job existed when I was younger. I knew that books happened and that people wrote them, but I don’t think I ever pegged that it could be a job that I could strive for. I have always made up stories and played pretend, but I am not sure when I started to actually write down my stories.

I have written a fair amount of fanfiction, for fandoms like Doctor Who, Sailor Moon, and Magic Knight Rayearth, over the past 15 years. Only recently have I actually begun to really take writing original fiction seriously. But only recently have I really had any idea for stories that I felt would be fun to write. Because in the end, I only write because I love to. I enjoy the stories that I write. I write them because I want to read them.