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My Three Favourite Writing Spaces

This autumn, I am trying to take my writing seriously, because if I don’t eventually finish something, I will never achieve that whole becoming a paid author thing. In keeping with that idea, I am trying my best to keep carving out time every day to do a little writing. My goal for this month is 1000 words a day.  An average, mind. I know it will vary depending upon how the ideas are flowing that day.  Somedays I write more, others I will only make my bare minimum of 400 words. The past few days have been rather decent. I’ve managed just a little over typed in, so I am at nearly 10,000 words now, even though I am wanting to be a bit closer to 14,000 by the end of today so I can be sure to reach my end of October 30,000 word draft.

I am trying my best to write when the impulse strikes. Which is why I tend to have my notebook on me, even when I am volunteering at Oxfam. I do try to only write when there are no customers in the shop and everything I am supposed to do is done, but I still have the words in my head and if I don’t have my notebook, I will just scribble them on any scrap bit of paper I can find, and that’s a bit much to keep track of so many little bits of paper.

At home, I do actually have my own study and a writing desk, but at the moment, the floor of my study has reverted to being storage (I need to actually take the time to sort that stuff and put it away) so getting to my desk takes a little bit of effort. But to be honest, that is not one of the spaces I really like to write the creative first draft. That’s where I want to be when I am trying to get an edit done, and a place to use my bit pin board to sort out my story ideas, and keep my notes handy when I need a reference to be sure I kept the characters or plot lines sorted out properly.

I write a variety of places, but three seem to be my go to places to get writing done.

First and foremost, I like to write in bed. First thing in the morning, is a goal of mine. I try to get as much of my word count done as I possibly can. Then it’s not looming over me as I procrastinate by doing housework or watching trashy daytime television. Some mornings tt’s like the story has been marinating all night and is ready to divulge more secrets. Other mornings, it is a struggle to even remember which character is which and why they are doing what they do.  I don’t do all my writing first thing, but I try.  I find that it’s especially helpful, if I remember to bring my notebook up before bedtime. Then I am not tempted to also pick up my laptop when I go downstairs to get it. Otherwise, the internet can get in the way of an otherwise productive morning. (I’m better at ignoring my ipod, usually) Writing in a warm duvet nest is nice. I also end up being joined by all three cats while I write. (Like now, as I type this from the comfort of my bed.)

My second favourite place to write is on the bus going into the city. It’s best when I am not completely exhausted otherwise I use the time to listen to podcasts and think about my plot, but more often than not, I get a good chunk of words down in the course of my 30-45 minute bus journey. I tend to listen to a bit of a writing or creativity podcast like The Worried Writer, which gets me wanting to write, then I pull out my notebook and pen of the day to start writing until the bus stops in the city.  It is a very good thing that the bus always stops at my stop in the city, or I would completely miss it.  I am never paying attention to the bus stopping and the time goes so quickly when I am writing. I’m too distracted by trying to keep my hands going at a speed fast enough to catch most of the words flowing through the pen.

My new favourite space to write is the little woodland by my house. The new estate where my house has been built has a lovely little park area to one side, and if one wanders off down a little track, and do a small hike up what was once the border edge of the quarry that is now the housing estate, there is a little woodland. It has a nice quiet walking path that loops through it and you can get to the other part of Costessey if you walk up that way. I tend to leave all my devices at home. I will pack a small picnic lunch, a large thermos of tea, and blanket in a bag, and wander off up there with my notebook for an hour or two. Writing with breaks for tea and snacks, while I enjoy the quiet sounds of nature. The area is very quiet on a weekday afternoon. Very few people walk by, and even less so if I set up a bit off the main path. It’s getting a bit cold now for me to comfortably stay out on the forest floor for too long, so I won’t get to enjoy that writing venue for a while.

I suppose it is now coming on to 10:30 and I have barely gotten my word count in for this morning. I should probably go back to writing my book, rather than a blog post.

Where do you like to write?

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