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Life Lately || Monday Mornings

It’s been a cold and rainy Monday morning here in Costessey, and looks like it will be heading into a relatively damp Monday afternoon. I’m hoping this won’t be the case, because I keep seeing glimpses of blue sky behind the rain clouds. Perhaps with will clear up and I have a sunny afternoon walk.

I woke stiff and sore this morning. Which didn’t surprise me as much as I would like to say it did, given how badly my knee hurt last night about bedtime. Despite the very idea of moving taking a lot of energy and effort, let alone amount needed for the actual act itself, I can proudly say that I have managed to complete a good three things off my to-do list for today. They mostly involved pottering about with both clean and dirty washing. carrying baskets of clean or dirty washing up or down the stairs becomes a true sport when you have enthusiastic cats vying for your attention. The fluffiest of the trip-hazards seems to think that every time I walk into the kitchen, I am meant to be feeding him. Despite him having already eaten multiple times this morning. He shrilly declares my incompetence every time I load the washing machine instead of presenting him with his dish.

All is currently quiet here, save the rumble of the construction vehicles outside, as I sit with a cup of tea, watching the sun creep out from behind the clouds, with the promise of a brighter afternoon. As it is noon, I am taking a break from household chores, and contemplating my options for lunch.

I should attempt to get some writing done this afternoon. I didn’t manage to do any first thing this morning, as I have been trying to do. (Moving is altogether too much to concentrate on when my body decides it will not cooperate with me, and Hazel would prefer I not fall down the stairs again anytime soon.) I have a goal of completing a very rough first draft of Tremblinge this month. My first drafts are almost very detailed outlines, rather than a proper story. It is mostly scene by scene synopsis as I attempt to sort out the plot in my head, and rush to get the ideas onto the page before they go skittering back off under the bed, or into the shadows from whence they came.

The clouds do seem to be passing. I will try for a small walk after lunch, I think. Fifteen minutes of sun and all of that.

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