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Blog-tober and Writing Goals

Two posts in a row. The world must be coming to an end?

Not really. I don’t think.

I hope not….

Anyway….  I had decided earlier this year that I would attempt to do Blog-tober. You know, the whole nonsense about writing a blog post every day for the month of October. There is only one problem with remembering this now…

Yeah, you’re right. It already is October!

No worries.  I have decided to just attempt to post something everyday for the rest of the month. I want to get into a habit of at least one post a week, but going full tilt, might get me writing even more.

On the subject of writing, I mentioned yesterday that I am working on a new project. I’m calling it Trembling for the time being. (We’ll see what I end up calling it later. It’s name might change, or it might not. I’m terrible with titles and working titles of one to two words are best for me when it comes to trying to keep things sorted. So, for now, it is Trembling.) I am trying to take writing it seriously. I am currently looking for a new part-time job, so I am using my free time to actually approach writing like a job.  My goal for October, beside posting to the blog everyday, is to write at 30,000 word first draft of Trembling before the end of the Month.  I am tempted to then NaNo the expansion of it, but I might set it aside for a breather and pick Thunder or Fine Print back up for November. I won’t know until the end of this month.

This month, at the bottom of every post, I will post the current typed in word count from Scrivener. I am writing long hand in a notebook, and dictating it in of a morning, so the count will not be completely accurate, but we will see what happens.


Trembling 1st Draft: 8,482 words

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