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The Courgettes* Have Exploded

“Have you blogged about the courgettes?” Hazel asked me last week. I should. They are glorious.

This spring, Hazel and I planted a random assortment of vegetable and herb seeds. We started them in the summer house, but we weren’t able to plant them out, as our path installation has been delayed. (There is a long story regarding a kiln breaking and the supplier being unable to get the brick pavers shipped in.  So after ordering them for the end of June, we’re still waiting for them now. They will hopefully be in by the end of this month.) We sent most of our seedlings over to Hazel’s parents’ house as they had a greenhouse and space to keep them.

Since this spring, they have gotten much bigger, and were transplanted into large pots. They have been happily growing and producing huge courgettes. Now, with only a handful of plants, we have more courgettes than we could possibly need.

It's a bit blurry, because I was laughing and then failed to get another photo.

What’s even more amusing is that we planted these before Hazel has actually tested courgettes to see if she isn’t allergic to them, so I would be eating them all. That’s a lot of courgette for one person, even if I do like them. I have baked one of the larger ones into a chocolate and chocolate chip cake. I’ll probably make another batch or two of muffins soon. I’ll try to get the recipe up soon as well.

I think we will try to grow courgettes again next year, but probably not so many plants at once. They have done well where they are at Hazel’s parent’s house, so we think they might do alright in the corner by the house that only gets about four or five hours of sunlight a day. If they produce less there, that shouldn’t be a problem. We should have more than enough for two people to eat and bake with.

Anyone else have some plants do better than expected this summer?

*That would be Zucchini for my American readers.

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